“The Show Must Go On”

“THE SHOW MUST GO ON” is an ode to indepentent show girls who use their art and sex appeal to advocate for equality and freedom while expressing themselves at the same time. You might also notice a bit of a melancholic touch when show life becomes a routine and the disenchantment of looking behind the curtain – keep on fighting!

FLOSS is a newcomer musician who advocates for a good cause as part of Curatedbygirls collective. This piece was created by an all girl team: shot by Gina Bullwinkel @aliceduracell, HMU by Lisa Breitfeld @lisabrtfld_, styled by Florentine Schlüter and Gina Bullwinkel using Balenciaga, Gucci, ACNE, current new designers and Vintage pieces.

Our favorite piece: the nipple necklace by newcomer designer @mattisdallmann – free the nipple! It was shot at @zumstarkenaugust – Berlin’s home for all kinds of Burlesque artists and open to “ladies, gentlemen, and everything in between”.

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