Sabelle Mebane is a fashion & lifestyle photographer and instagrammer based in a small town near Dallas. She is mostly known for being a teen photographer and model. She shot a campaign for Daniel Wellington for her instagram.

My life philosophy is probably just going with the flow and having a positive, optimistic attitude. My success was accidental, photography was just a hobby I was very passionate about and I think as long as I love and put effort into what I’m doing I’ll find some form of success. I hope to inspire other artists and dreamers.
That ‘70s Shoot” makes you feel nostalgic for a time you may not have even known. It showcases the beauty of simplicity with a vintage color pallette. It was shot at a drive-in movie theater in a little town in Texas during the summer of 2017. The sunset was practically beautiful and I was in absolute awe of the pinks and purples in the sky. My friends and I quickly grabbed our cameras to document the moment. While examining the photos taken it gave me a very strong 1970s vibe, the outfit, the hair, the simplicity of it all.

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