There Are Lines

by Astrid Susanna Schulz @astridschulzfotografie

The photo series “There are lines” is devoted to the allure of the unclothed body and traces of life. The photographer’s unconcealed perspective allows viewers to observe silhouettes of body regions nestled together, entanglement and curvature of the skin along with physical matter. Even if certain elements of the exclusively female bodies are recognizable, it often remains a mystery where the lines will guide the eyes. Curvatures and creases create bends in structured surfaces and awaken visions of nature. The viewer’s eye is channeled into landscapes and valleys, into shadow or light. Variation is ever present: where lines of the outer body appear to reflect transformation, pigments and skin structure allow for unseen suggestions of age or origin. What remains is the question of the stories behind the individual composition of each female body, which here are depicted so openly yet concealed. Within the protection of curvature, the skin of the models seems to be a symbolic shroud for the experiences concealed beneath.

This series counters the male perspective with a vision of reality and simultaneously corrects the earlier view of the photographer as a product of the patriarchal subconscious. Thus, Astrid Susanna Schulz pursues her curiosity as to the tales that nude bodies tell and what it means to be female.

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