Un Rooted 10

by Jazmin Calcarami & Chiara Mila

@jazmincalcarami @cukeira

Jazmin Calcarami is a multidisciplinary artist from Argentina, whose body of work is totally enraptured by the world of fashion and art. Jazmin wanders through makeup, creative direction, photography, and dance, wrapped in esotericism, philosophy and naturalism. Her most memorable professional moments so far, were working with Bjork in Biophilia shows, being a makeup designer for the Cirque Du Soleil, and NY Fashion week.

Chiara Jason is an Argentinean performative artist based in Germany, studying at the Fine Arts Academy of Leipzig. She experiments trough the body and physicality, with video art and self portraiture.

Un-rooted speaks of the encounter where the intimate, the feminine, the sensual, the materiality, the body and the dance are related, in a timeless and ritualistic context that transforms us.

Despise for the mundane and body, the woman is forced to hide her hair. I wonder what she was asked to hide? Her power, her erotic and sensual burning. What is under our heads? Have all of them become eternal images of beauty?

We are left unprotected, without our antennas, that connect us with the divine, with our universal ancestors.

In such a case, if our choice is to do the ritual of death and resurrection, so it should be, but it shouldn’t be from the external, not from the outside, not for others, and neither to fit into a supposedly designed and limiting beauty. Can’t we see that what is lost is our DNA?

Our nature is not meant to be controlled. Bristly and tangled hairs. They won’t cut our roots!

Jazmin Calcarami: www.jazmincalcarami.com / @jazmincalcarami @kabukimakeupschool
Chiara Jason: www.chiarajason.com / @cukeira 

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