Vulnerable Masculinity II


Vulnerable Masculinity is an ongoing project by Maxinne Björk, a Swedish photographer whose photography work is focused on nude fine art, self-acceptance and body positivity.
In these series, Maxinne wants to shoot groups of men in their bareness, together, portraying them with a delicate approach but in a non-sexual context, with the aim to break the norms around masculinity, to spread more awareness around this topic and hopefully contribute to the evolution of a healthy masculinity.

Biologically, men are driven by rivalry and competition, and to keep this facade there is not so much room for vulnerability, softness and emotions. With this project I want to help get rid of the social masks and get deeper into the core. Daring to be our true selves. To be seen in feeling. Because vulnerability and softness don’t have a gender, they are human traits that we all have within us.

Maxinne Björk

Maxinne believes that, the more naked we can be in the company of others, in a non sexual setting, the more we can live in acceptance with how we were born. Finding that true freedom through allowing all parts of us to co-live within.

Growing up with the never-ending social pressure of outer appearance, with porn as one of the dominant educational forums where we learn how a naked human looks like and how sexuality shall be lived – it’s not easy to feel full satisfaction of our birthday suit we were given.

Maxinne Björk

Photographer Maxinne Björk – @maxinnebjork
Models: Mena, Simo and two anonymous 

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