Vulnerable Masculinity


Maxinne Björk is a Swedish photographer whose work is focused on nude fine art and explores body positivity and acceptance. 

For her project “Vulnerable Masculinity” Maxinne decided to shoot a group of alpha males, often seen as non-sensitive, portraying them with a delicate approach but in a non-sexual context, with the aim to break the norms around masculinity. Her intention is to spread more awareness around this topic and hopefully contribute to the evolution of a healthy masculinity.

It’s quite rare to find nude photos of men together in a group showing sensitivity. With this series I want to show the softness and vulnerability that dwell within masculine men. 

Cis men can have big blockages on showing themselves soft, vulnerable and intimate with other men. There is the belief that if they do so they will be “less of a man” which is also the cause of lots of shame and emotional repression within the cis men community. Toxic masculinity is an effect that comes from this process of disconnection from the authentic self in all its aspects.

Vulnerability and softness don’t have a gender, they are human traits that we all have within us. It’s also my intention to enhance body positivity, self love and the feeling to be comfortable in our own nude skin, as we were born.

Models: Manuele Paradiso, Solar Bodhidharma, Adrian Iselin, Powen Kao, Suresh Mirko Kölzer, Ernie Zayat

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