Anne-Laure Ganga


Anne-Laure Ganga is a 24 y/o pluridisciplinary artist, based in Paris. Her ongoing illustration project called “Bandits femelles” was born after she tattooed these words on her forearm. She then started to create her own feminist character “SUPERBOUNTY”, a black super heroin whose mission is to glorify weakness, in a world where girls have to be strong and badass. This illustration series celebrates women in their vulnerability.

I see a lot of emerging photographers dealing with feminism. But, I don’t really feel comfortable with photography, because according to me, it’s a lot about doing something aesthetical and sharp whereas i like clumsiness. Illustration gives the opportunity to do something clumsy but sexy, catchy and funny above all. Yes we canΒ  be feminist and funny! I draw as I breathe, keeping my little scketchbooks in my bag all the time. I’m inspired by women sexuality, desire, pop culture and globally, random live stuff. I like drawing cute and free girls with no specific age, race or shapes of body as long as they have the Bandits femelles’ attitude “.
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