Carolina Rodriguez Fuenmayor


Carolina Rodriguez Fuenmayor is a visual artist from Bogotá, Colombia. Her work is focused on the illustration field using drawing as the main resource to develop her projects. Currently, she is part of a traditional graphic arts collective and studio known as “Taller Trez” and also works as a freelancer in the editorial world.

“With my work I represent the matters of life that surprise me the most, my biggest desires and things I cannot easily say. I’m trying to understand what I am and what surrounds me so that I can explain to another person what I consider important of the universe in which we live. My obsessions, emotions and frustrations have become the engine to find new tools and processes to communicate my inner self. I’m trying to live a process where the artist’s life and its expressions and conceptions are transformed into narrative tools with limitless resources, hopefully instigating research and innovation.”
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