Clémence Losfeld


Clémence Losfeld is a French photographer born in 1991. Member of Hans Lucas and My Darkroom collectives, she recently won the Special Jury Prize of Le prix spécial du jury Paris Match Photo Reportage Étudiant 2016.
Influenced by photojournalism and documentary photography, Losfeld observes society with the desire of being struck by the unpredictable and aspires to approach the other as closely as possible.
The being in every state is at the core of her reflection. With a great hold on the brutality of reality, she faces and tackles the existential questions that ensue from it. She deals just as much with daily issues as with unusual, conceptual or topical matters. Always on the look-out for something, her domain of action remains broad. She transposes her point of view in an abrupt, direct and instinctive style that is sometimes incisive, but always does so with benevolence.
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