Venus Libido


Venus Libido is a female illustrator based in South East England. The aesthetic of her work reflects irritation and bitterness that has stemmed from experiences of misogyny, patriarchy and mental health. The Vibrancy of her colour work is contrasting with the animosity of the narrative, creating a subtle passive aggressiveness.

Venus once worked as a specialist decorator in London painting the homes of the rich and famous, but behind the gold leaf and faux marble ceilings were regular occurrences of sexual harassment and verbal abuse that always got swept under the carpet. Venus decided to put a middle finger up to that day job and put pen to paper, drawing the issues she faced as a young working female, thus Venus Libido was born. Venus now creates her work in the comfort of a studio space that resides in her family’s attic.

A few months on (and many counselling sessions later) she began to focus her work on mental health issues, showing the not so pleasant side of anxiety, depression and self-esteem and body issues that our millennials are fighting against. Her illustrations are not only relatable to those who follow her, but the comical stories behind their portraits help address “taboo” topics in a humorous light, ensuring those in similar situations that they’re not alone.

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