This is a series by Sandrine Segula, a Mexican Photographer based between Seattle and Brooklyn, whose works are characterized by kitsch narratives full of color and fantasy. Her creative process began as a journey of self-discovery and celebration of the female body. Created in collaboration with “Punto Ciego”, a collective of Latin American women photographers, Dolled Up is about the hypersexualization of women and false female empowerment.

A change is needed from within to stop objectifying oneself, becoming always relative, a sexual being, the one who has the organs to be fertilized, a being whose only function is to be used for reproduction, household, and consumerism.

As simple as they may seem, familiar, common, custom, or just for simply following the herd, there are several objects around us, and knowing the damage or how irritating this entails, even putting health aside, we justify the use of; and as without realizing it, by adding one object after another, we are becoming an object for the market out there, since the social contract allows some of its members to be seen as objects, they limit their own development possibilities, paving the way thus the road to oppression and consensual abuse.

Because I’m not allowed to define myself, because it’s necessary for me to fit into a subjective assessment of canonical beauty that degrades me, without a voice, just a piece of meat to be devoured.

A paradise of fine plastic for female hypersexualization, simple dolls, a sexual revolution that alludes to provoking male erections, something that begins from an early age and starting from here develops a whole extensive mockery around us, reaching my maximum splendor of beauty to be the product of male consumers.

The series will be exhibited in Queretaro, Mexico, from February 22nd until February 25th at ENFOQUE 2023.

View more of Sandrine’s work on www.odetoyourbodyproject.com.⁠

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