It’s Still a Taboo

“It’s Still a Taboo” is a photo series by Milan-based photographer Deva Barone, which aims to highlight the persisting taboo surrounding women’s periods in 2023. For several years, Barone worked to actualize her vision of a fashion editorial featuring a model wearing a sanitary napkin in a normal and non-stigmatized way, just like any other clothing item or accessory. However, finding a professional model willing to participate in the project proved challenging. The featured model, concerned about potential damage to her fashion career, requested to have her face concealed. This experience only underscores the reality that despite progress made, periods remain a taboo topic.

Team credits:
Concept and Photographer: Deva Barone (IG @deva_barone)
Stylist: Martina Tradati (IG @martina_tradati)
Stylist assistant: Nicola Verde (IG @nico_verde)

Wardrobe Credits:
Apparel: Clarissa Balossi (IG @clarissabalossi)
Jewelry: Absidem (IG @absidem)

In collaboration with This Unique 

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