Kristina Shakht “Love Series”

Love Series, by New-York based Russian photographer Kristina Shakht, is a collection of images exploring queer and biracial couples. The project was shot in 2020 February through October.

I wanted to show the tenderness, love and compassion for one another through these images. I feel like reframing the narrative is really important. That’s why I decided that I’d love to shoot my subjects in a very natural and raw way without crazy clothes or make up. I think is really important for people who don’t have day to day interactions with trans, gay or other races to stop othering these communities, to see these folks in very natural and human context. I wanted to have this sensation of just being, of purity and stillness.

Photography & creative direction: Kristina Shakht –
Models: Kovich @janekovich
Helga @helgahitko
Maddy @maddy_mock13
Jah @jawaramarsh_
Madeline @madeleineours
Jaz @jazshepard

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