Lilac Bathtub

Annina Tonkov is an analogue photographer from Berlin, Germany, with a focus on nude photography. Psychology is the profession she mastered officially, but shortly after starting her studies in the Netherlands, international connections and a certain enthusiasm for shared expressions of social taboos influenced her to explore nudity with photography. By embodying both a photographer and a psychologist, she found another meaning behind her work: She could not only offer aesthetic content, but also a shared journey towards more acceptance of naked bodies, as they are.

With the “lilac bathtub” series featuring a non-binary model, Annina explores the meaning of “vulnerability”.

I grew up in an environment where nudity was normal and I found a world in which especially female nudity is tabooed and sexualised at the same time.

Knowing and experiencing the harmful effects of that paradox, I started taking photos depicting non-sexualised nudity, but also showing more diverse bodies and initiate a confrontation of my models with their own body.

The “lilac bathtub” series shows a non-binary model in a seemingly vulnerable situation – only covered in silky water with stinging flowers, the light spot on in their face.

But then, is it a vulnerable situation? The water might be warm, the flowers be comforting and providing support, the light allowing the full colour spectrum of their eyes to glow and highlight a certain strength. Maybe a strength to be vulnerable.

Photographer: Annina Tonkov
Model: Pascal “Kalle” Kuchinke @kallemmunity

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