dreaming of equal rights


Meg Garrod, one of the 8 designers of new Curated By GIRLS t-shirt collection, is a 21 years old body positive Illustrator, whose work centers around Self Love and Feminism. Her ultimate goal is to help people love their bodies by representing them in her art and showing their beauty.

Read our Q&A with Meg to learn more about her creative work, and the message behind her design.

IG: @meggarrod.art

What got you into ART and how did you realise it was the right path for you?
I’ve always loved art for as long as I can remember, there’s actually a video of me at around 8 years old telling my parents how I’m going to be an artist one day. I find art so relaxing and a great way to put my feelings down and spread important messages. I realised it was the right path for me when it literally became my life. Art was the way I learnt to love myself and went on a journey of body positivity, I know I wouldn’t be happy if I wasn’t making art that challenged societies ideals and encouraged people to love themselves. 

How would you describe your work in 3 words?
Colourful, Positive and Empowering

What’s a typical creative day like, for you?
Everyday can be so different. Most the time I’m at university so I have to work around it but during the holidays I’m working everyday on my business, that includes sketching new ideas and painting as well as replying to emails, posting on social media and packaging and posting orders from my online store! 

Diversity & equality are at the core of your t-shirt “DREAMING OF EQUAL RIGHTS”. Can you tell us more about how the inspiration behind this design?
The design was created to empower all women and to help spread a message about the lack of equal rights we have. Whether that refers to our gender, our size or our skin colour, Women do not have the same rights. If this T-Shirt can help empower one woman or teach someone about the inequality then its a step in the right direction. All of my art focuses around empowering womxn and I wanted to bring recognition to just one of the issues I’m passionate about through this T-shirt. 

Dreaming of Equal Rights
“Dreaming Of Equal Rights” – design by Meg Garrod for the Curated By GIRLS collection – £25.00 Worldwide delivery. 10% of the profits donated to The Movement For Black Lives.

If I can help just one person begin to love themselves it makes every bit of work worth it.

What kind of reaction do you hope to get from people who see your t-shirt?
Firstly I would love for womxn to feel empowered, to wear it and feel strong and powerful. I would also like it to spark a discussion and bring more people to the realisation of the lack of equal rights.

What advice would you give to other young aspiring artists ? 
Keep going. I know that sounds really basic but its true! It’s taken me years to get to this point and it can be soo discouraging at times, but if it’s your passion you’ll get there in time.  Believe in yourself. 
Also… be consistent. Post daily or more if you can! People love to follow a person’s journey and to be able to see your process. 

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