Romy Listo explores themes of femininity, sexuality and identity through found images and paper collage, occasionally working in media including acrylic, marker and watercolour. Romy’s practice reflects on her own experiences as a young woman and feminist. In her current work, women are represented as disembodied and depersonalised, and juxtapose a classical and old-fashioned sensibility with a contemporary and hyper-sexualised one. Her images explore the challenges for young women, who perform and are caught between contradictory ideas and expectations of what womanhood entails. Alongside traditional constructions, women’s complexity and agency as thinkers, actors and creators is explored and reclaimed. Romy’s work is intended to highlight the ambiguity of femininity for young women, and to question and imagine alternative ways of being.

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Myriam Tisbo 1
Myriam Tisbo