The Latex Collection


Chloe Colvard is a visual artist and writer living in Brooklyn. Her visual works can be seen at Carrie Able Gallery, of which she is an Artist-in-Residence this year.

“The Latex Collection” is a digitized representation of Chloe’s dating history. In these 6 images, Chloe photographed and edited various condoms. She then created a digital overlay of real text messages that she has received from the men she has dated and slept with. By using these out-of-context messages, Chloe hopes to allow the viewer to fill in the blanks with their own context, personal to them, or simply from their own imagination. By doing so, Chloe aims to not only bring awareness to the power of words, but to isolate the text in a way that allows it to be investigated for harmful stereotypes and language.

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