The Unknown Women Paintings


Verónica Alvez is a venezuelan photographer based in Spain. In her project “The unknown women paintings” she aims to portray women inspired by antique paintings, with a modern vision of diversity, stating that history can be of inspiration but needs transformation.

The portraiture of women has been of great importance throughout the history of western art, in the pictoric media as well as in photography since the 19th century. This genre enabled artists to portray someone physically and psychologically.

Although, during different artistic periods such as the Renaissance or the Baroque, this representation was conditioned by the female beauty ideals of each era.

It was also conditioned by the fact that the women being portrayed belonged either to high society or myths. The reason behind this kind of representation is that it was men who commissioned those pieces and it was men who painted them. The image of perfection was constructed following their own preferences rather than reality. That’s why we don’t see female artists, writers, mothers that strayed from the image of the Virgin, or women who simply enjoyed their sensuality and sexuality. The representation of women didn’t differ much from a still life, an element that transmitted beauty and stillness.

Photography & Styling: @sdfph
Models: @cuerposcombro @marly.debrito @anabolizzante @thejaunest @raquel_1502

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