Willemieke Kars x Grand Diva


Willemieke Kars is a photographer based in Amsterdam whose work focuses on social documentary and portraiture. This series, featuring model Annemarie Timmerman aka ‘Grand Diva‘, is a story about the blind spot that many people have about beauty.

Insecurities, doubts and discomfort are starting points to create work. I use friction that arise from these emotions to tell stories that do not fear confrontation and prejudice. Returning themes in my work include the position of women in modern society and the role division between male and female.

Willemieke Kars

Look at her. Look at her creases, her curves, her full body. And observe her. She’s not pitiable, sick or dumb. She has character and intelligence, a job and a family. She likes bright coloured swimmingsuits and has more guts in her little finger than I have in my whole body. And I am happy to get to know her, or maybe I should say: that I have learned to see her.

Text: Bregje Hofstede.
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