What is a body? What does it represent? What does it tell?

Trough a series of photos, a reflection is carried out on the body, the sense of identity, intimate truth, In a context where the physical essence is symbolized by the earth: primordial matter.

Embark on a visual odyssey with Sara Barcaroli and Terrae, redefining the human body’s narrative through an exploration of our connection with the primordial earth. Each image tells a unique story, a personal saga etched on the canvas of flesh and soil. Contrasts in textures and tones prompt a contemplation of the dualities in our existence—the softness of the body against the rugged earth, the ephemeral nature of flesh juxtaposed with the enduring matter. The earth, a central metaphor, underscores our inseparable link with nature and our shared origin. Beyond aesthetics, this photographic journey is an invitation to ponder our humanity, our intricate connection with the earth, blurring the boundaries between body and earth, weaving a mesmerizing dance of existence.

Photographs by Sara Barcaroli @sara_barcaroli
Set by Terrae @terraeproject
Models: @petravonschatz @manonmajani @reesedesormais @elish_______ and Delphine 

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