“Gender Fluid” by Marie-Lisette Cropp


Marie-Lisette Cropp is a fine art and editorial photographer based in Berlin. Cropp combines artistic influences with her distinctive dramatic style and striking, yet equally vulnerable, portraiture. Her work focuses on issues within society such as gender, masculinity and the representation of human form. 

‘Gender Fluid’ sets out to challenge society’s pre-determined rules on clothing depending on one’s gender. Breaking free of the stereotypes of what a man or woman can or can not wear, letting gender assigned labels go and celebrating the clothing on anyone who wants to wear it. The series is inspired by renaissance paintings, but with the twist of this modern acceptance and desire for gender fluid fashion.

Photography, Art Direction, Set design by Marie-Lisettte Cropp @marielisettecropp
Models: Daniela Suleymanova signed at Two Management / @femmebronze
Tarlie Lumby @tarlielumby
Styling by: Sophie Bohmeier @sobo.design
Makeup by: Simonetta Tsapanou @simonettaart
Photography Assistance by: Mario Palufi @borneon.lad

Featuring small independent ethical Designers from Berlin.
Rose crêpe Silk draped blouse Rose crêpe,
wool tailored trousers, Silk blouse
By: Loïc Gros @loicgrosdotcom

White Collar, Pink Dress/Skirt
By: Domas Crochet Design & Aristarchia @domas_crochet_design @aristarchia

Silk Blouse & Trouser Set
By: House of Gobin @houseofgobin

Silver Drip Straw Half Hat
By: Maja Silfwergård @silfwergard
Pearl Head Pice, Purple Collar
By: Yusuke Mori @molly19880831

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