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Sometimes it’s hard to be heard in this world. Every month, we will introduce our new music crushes – For you to listen & share the love!

Mae Krell – “Home

The 21 year-old songwriter Mae Krell touches on the most vulnerable parts of growing up in 2020. Recorded and produced by Joey Auch (Rachel Platten, Erin Bowman, Nic Nim), their new single “Home” is about the moment when everything begins to matter, and the fear that follows that realization.

“I don’t want to be portrayed as too put together. I’m still working on myself. I’m constantly changing and growing and falling apart and coming back together.” 

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Kohinoorgasm – “Exhausted

‘Exhausted’ is a song written, produced, performed, recorded, and mixed by Josephine Shetty, whose experimental pop music moniker is Kohinoorgasm. The song shares an anecdote of Shetty’s creative burnout under capitalism, critiques how wage labor stifles our futures by draining our ambition, and goes on to affirm the importance of cultivating and preserving creative energy for pursuing our dreams and blueprinting better worlds. Exhausted is for workers in need of an anti-capitalist dance anthem to reinvigorate their spirits and exercise internalized capitalism out of their minds and bodies.

Artwork Credits: cover art by YOKO, audio graphics by Paradise Khanmalek

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Lady Moonbeam – “Rachel”

Lady Moonbeam is a Future Soul three-piece based in Lakeland, Florida. ‘Rachel‘ is a misty and mesmerizing bop, about desperately hoping that you can win the heart that’s captivated your own. The track is the first song from their forthcoming album „Pronoia“

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FLOSS – Floss Like A Boss

“‘Floss Like A Boss’ is kind of like my 2020 female-empowerment reply to 2010 Lollipop by Lil Wayne. Better late than never!”

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Chelsea Blues – “Hoping for the Best”

Bahamian International FusionJazz/Neo-soul Artist, Chelsea Blues, is back with her newest single, ‘Hoping For The Best’. The single, produced by Ankit Suri, could not be coming out at a better time than now.  This audio sunshine has been made to inspire hope, calm and give the fans and listeners some positive perspective while we hope for the best during these seemingly bleak times. Staying positive and mindful are the two big reaction points for many and this is echoed for now and even beyond, with this new track.

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