photo by Gabriella Talassazan


Some say she’s Dirty Pop, others say she’s Femme Funk. All bets aside, Los Angeles born/Brooklyn based artist Rachel Stewart has just set herself center stage into the world of Pop and beyond as Sedona. With her debut single “Call Me Up” turning heads, her soulful power bop is more than just a song, but rather, a femme anthem music lovers from today, tomorrow, and yesterday can enjoy. Sedona grew up singing in the shower to leading female pop icons like Diana Ross, Gwen Stefani, Madonna, Stevie Nicks, Sade – the list goes on and on. Their aesthetic broke a lot of social barriers for women, which inspired Sedona to do the same. 

My art serves as a remedy of self-reflection for femmes and allies. With a focus on confrontation, acceptance, and inclusivity, I aim to cultivate a community of rockers, rollers, and midnight strollers through the stories I create in my songs. Mending my personal life with the larger politics of power in our world today, this song is a femme anthem. With it I hope to unite femmes together through the thick of it all: the male gaze, sexism, and abuse we face to day to day is traumatizing. This song is meant to heal. This is meant to hold. This song is meant to love, support, and defend one another, especially in today’s toxic political climate.

“Call Me Up” is about knowing your own worth and making others feel empowered. We don’t need a man’s gaze to feel validated. This song and video explore the gender politics behind romance, femmehood, and empathy. “Call Me Up” takes a stand for all the different hats a femme wears in society. From the fierce and feral rawness we embody innately to the synthesized and tamed composure we have to unleash in order to be taken seriously in society. We do it all for you.” -Sedona

Director – Rachel Stewart
Producer – Ethan Nelson
Director of Photography – Danyal Niazi
Production Designer – Kat Collier
Choreographer – Casey Howes
Editor – Payton Koch
Sound Designer – Alec Battistoni
photos by Gabriella Talassazan

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