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Interview with LYKKE LI



Her 4th album “so Sad So Sexy” released last April is a little gem of empowering mature dark pop. One of my favorite record this year! I had the pleasure to meet the Swedish singer & songwriter for a quick Q&A as she was about to go on stage. We met in the backstage courtyard, craving for fresh air. We didn’t have much time, so I pressed record and asked her a few questions about being a woman, a mother and an artist.

I read that this album is a new beginning for you. That for the first time you feel like a woman. Can you explain your thought? What is it to feel like a woman?
Well, i’ve honestly always felt like a “girl”…I’ve never felt in my body before. and i think having a baby… I’ve hit an age too where it’s like “ok you’re supposed to be a  woman now!”.

“I’m a radical feminist now!”

Photo © Chloé Le Drezen

Big subject “becoming a mother” – Some say you have to chose between a career and having a child. I don’t really believe that. Did it change your way to conceive the idea of career, or being an artist ?
The honest truth is that it’s really hard, because like i’m here tonight in Berlin, and my son is in LA and i miss him so much! It’s hard to have to leave your child. I couldn’t really bring him with me on tour.
Managing time is now really difficult. I wanna just work and work and work, but i also wanna be at home with my kid. So that kind of split is really difficult.

But still, becoming a mother didn’t alter your creativity?
No it didn’t stop my creativity at all, and i think i’m kind of better then ever before, and super inspired! But now it’s more like, how can i also be the best mother? That balance is really hard.

In an interview you gave to the Guardian, you said: “I was a feminist before, but now it’s next level.” What do you mean by that ?
I think it’s the whole process of when you realise all you have to sacrifice everyday and all the fights you have to take. Imagine how sexist the pop industry is!!!
And also to be a young mom…and having my own company now, im very aware of all the gaps and how fucked up the world is. You know what i mean? I’m a radical feminist now!

What advice would you give your younger self?
I’ve always been really hard on myself and i think i’ve had a lot of self-hatred and i still have that. There are parts of me that i still don’t like. So i would maybe try to be a little nicer to myself.

Photo © Chloé Le Drezen
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